football helmet

As important as it is to wear a helmet, did you know football was played for years before it became mandatory to wear one.

Although the game has been played since the late 1800s, colleges did not make helmets mandatory until 1939. It took the NFL four more years before enforcing the same rule in 1943.


Computers are such a major part of our lives. Could you imagine life without them? Before you answer, remember that tablets, laptops, and current cell phones are all types of computers.

Keep reading to learn about computers before you were born.

slang boy3 copy

The word “cool” when used to say how much you like something is considered slang. And because slang is something that any person can make up, it has grown and changed over the years.

Slang words can be used to translate anything. However, people can’t get enough of coming up with words meaning “cool”.

Keep reading to discover what “cool” slang words were used before you were born!