Pokémon card collectors can most likely recognize Gengar above.

In a series of realistic illustrations, an artist recreated many well-known Pokémon characters.

Kids often express how cool it would be if their card characters could come  alive. Be careful what you wish for because this is what they would probably look like!


Artist Sarah Rosado takes art to another level by using some of your favorite brands of cereal as her medium. 

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Fred Giovannitti is from Delaware, but does a lot of traveling. 

To past the time and to keep his children close, he takes some of their pictures along on his trips.

Being the skilled artist that he is, he adds some detail to each picture. Take a look below to see more. 


This great photo was taken by Olivia Bertie. Olivia is 14 years old and lives in the United Kingdom.

The picture won 1st place in The National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids category “Weird but True”.

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This is Youtube user Taylor Jewell.

In her videos she demonstrates how to use makeup to create creepy faces.

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The Nike sneakers above are from the movie Back to the Future II.

In the movie, character Marty Mcfly used a time machine vehicle to travel to the year 2015 – a big deal because the movie took place in 1985.

Since it’s now 2015, Nike has decided to actually make them available – for real!