Playing a piano is not only good for the brain, it can also be lots of fun.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a piano. We found the next best thing – Virtual Piano!


Say you like a certain someone at school. Lucky you – they just gave you their phone number!

Do you call or text? Check out the video below to hear a few kids’ advice on the topic.


Ever bounced on a “blob”?

Take a look below to see what it’s like to do such a thing.

guess who

This young man grew up to be so strong, he believed that he could make things the way he wanted them to be.

Can you guess who he became? 

guess who

Okay, Okay. Just so you know, this is the last easy one for you.

You scoopers better know this one…who did this young man graduate to be?


In the movie Indiana Jones actor, Harrison Ford is chased down by an oversized stone ball. 

In Rotorua, New Zealand a team of folks decided to create the same scene using an enormous rubber ball.

Get your click on to check it out.