Not to0 long ago, it was announced that there will be at least 3 new Star Wars movies. Sometime in 2015, Episode 7 will be in theaters. Followed by Episode 8 about two to three years later, then Episode 9, two to three years after that.



At the end of Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi), Luke Skywalker defeated the Evil Emperor. The Death Star and the no good Empire was destroyed too. Sadly, Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) died right after returning back to the good side. Episode 7 will show what happened next.

Do you have any ideas what should happen? What is really cool is that you would not be the first. For many years, authors have created books with stories about what they felt happened after Episode 6. 

Guess we’ll have to wait to know what Episode 7 will be about. But in the meantime, we will share with you some of the cool story ideas found in those Star Wars books!


star wars book art

  • Han Solo and Princess Leia gets married. They end up with 3 kids…Anakin Solo and twins, Jacen and Jaina Solo.
  • Luke turns to the Dark Side! The Emperor’s ghost takes over the body of a clone. The possessed clone then turns Luke to the dark side, but Luke becomes good again. Whew!
  • Luke trains Leia to be a Jedi.
  • Luke learns about the Jedi Order and creates a new one.
  • Luke marries a woman named Mara Jade. They have a child named Ben Skywalker.
  • Lukes nephew, Jacen, begins to turn to the dark  side. Luke’s son, Ben, becomes Jacen’s apprentice.
  • Chewbacca dies when trying to protect Han Solo and his new family :(

scoop tip: Remember kids, those were just IDEAS that authors made up for their own books. The actual movie may use some ideas or may not use any. We will have to wait and see!

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