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Being a “cool” teacher isn’t about allowing students to do whatever they want, or simply trying to get a laugh or two out of students just to be liked.

It’s about building a bridge so that students feel inspired, engaged, and appreciated. 

Take a look below to see some great teachers that totally get it.


student tears

The students in this class often wondered what their teacher was constantly sipping on in class. 


funny test question

In the midst of his history test, this teachers offers an interesting challenge.


jb pencils

Pencils continuously came up missing in this class. To solve the problem, the pencils above were specially made.

Surprising enough, students aren’t in a hurry to walk off with them.   



Check this homework assignment out. 


skating teacher

He skates to school. How cool is that!?


history teacher

The history teacher above and science teacher below take their respective subjects seriously. Take a look at their yearbook photos for further proof.


Students walked into their class before a test to be greeted by this. Must be a Drake fan.






This middle school art teacher welcomes his students with a great source of inspiration everyday – his own phenomenal blackboard art made with chalk!

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