steph curry

Kinda like a “When I was Your Age” challenge, but I’m sure most of our Scoopers can guess who this young athlete is.

Whether you know who he grew up to be or not, learn more about his childhood goals and if he reached them below.


On November 20, 1982 two football rivals faced off.

The University of California Golden Bears and the Stanford Cardinals ended a college game in such an exciting way, the final play has become known as “The Play”.

football helmet

As important as it is to wear a helmet, did you know football was played for years before it became mandatory to wear one.

Although the game has been played since the late 1800s, colleges did not make helmets mandatory until 1939. It took the NFL four more years before enforcing the same rule in 1943.


Last night, against the Sacramento Kings, Klay Thompson scored 37 points….IN A QUARTER!

Find out more about the NBA record breaking performance below.

lebron jr

Meet 10-year old Lebron James Jr. Like his father, King James, he’s pretty good at basketball.

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NBA player Tyson Chandler is well known for his defensive ability.

However, last night against the Golden State Warriors he took his defense to a whole new level.