Whether you love Lebron James and the Miami Heat or hate them;  you’ll have to admit winning 27 games in a row  is very impressive.

Last night they finally lost a game. 



miami heat

The Chicago Bulls beat the Heat in a close game, 101 to 97.

The only other team that had a winning streak better was the 1972 Lakers. The Lakers from the 1971-72 season ended up winning 6 more games. That’s a total of 33 games straight!

Although, 33 is definitely better than 27, there is still something to consider. The NBA was very different in 1972 than it is now.

Basketball just wasn’t as popular as it is now. It wasn’t around as long. Because of this, there wasn’t nearly as many players as good as players are today. Today the NBA is filled with so many gifted basketball players, it makes it really hard for any team to win so many times in a row. Regardless of how good their team is.

So, even after losing last night, is the Miami Heat the best NBA team ever? Those things are very hard to tell, but winning 27 games in today’s NBA makes a good case for them.


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