After beating the Super Bowl defending champs, Seattle Seahawks, 30 to 23, the Dallas Cowboys are proving that they are the real deal. 


The win this past Sunday now gives the Cowboys a 5-1 record. A record that is currently one of the best in the  league.

There is still a lot of football left in this season, so we can’t go predicting that all this winning will continue. However, there are a few reason why we think it just might.



#1 DeMarco Murray

This past game made the sixth straight 100 yard rushing game for running back DeMarco Murray. At his current pace, he could beat the record of 2105 total rushing yards in an entire season, which was set by Eric Dickerson back in 1984.

The Cowboys count on Murray’s offense so much, that he is also on pace for a record breaking 425 carries in one season! Unfortunately, this key to the Cowboy’s success could backfire if they continue to overuse Murray.


#2 The Offensive Line

As great as DeMarco Murray is playing, he still wouldn’t be getting anywhere without his strong line of blockers.

At the beginning of the season, the Cowboys was criticized for selecting lineman Zack Martin over the more popular quarterback Johnny Manziel in the NFL draft.

Thanks to the play of Zack Martin and the rest of the offensive line, the Cowboys only allowed one sack against the very tough Seattle Seahawks defense.

In fact, Martin is now leading the pack to be selected as the NFL’s rookie of the year.


#3 Tony Romo

Quarterback Tony Romo is a hot or cold type of guy. And so far this season, he has been pretty hot.

cowboy defense

#4 Heart

Whether it’s the great bond that’s formed among teammates, or the determination to go out and try your best regardless who you’re playing; it’s going to take a great deal of heart to get it done.

The Dallas Cowboys have been counted out all season long, and because of their heart, they have managed to continue to prove their doubters wrong.

A great example of this can be seen in their latest game against the Seahawks. The Seahawks, a team many expected to win, started the game with a 10 to 0 lead on their home field.

That didn’t stop the Cowboys. And if they continue to play with such heart, there won’t be much that can stop them.

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