With the first pick, the Houston Texans selected defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

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Every year the NFL has a draft where each team selects college players they would like to have on their roster. So it’s always a big deal to be selected first.

Don’t know who Jadeveon Clowney is? Wondering why he was the first pick? Take a peek at this video below.

Now that we answered that question, keep reading to see the big name college players selected at last night draft.

1. Houston — Defensive End, Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

2. St. Louis (from Washington) — Outside Tackle, Greg Robinson, Auburn

blake b

3. Jacksonville — Quarterback, Blake Bortles, Central Florida

4. Buffalo (from Cleveland) — Wide Receiver, Sammy Watkins, Clemson

5. Oakland — Linebacker, Khalil Mack, Buffalo

6. Atlanta — Outside Tackle, Jake Matthews, Texas A&M

7. Tampa Bay — Wide Reciever Mike Evans, Texas A&M

8. Cleveland (from Minnesota) — Cornerback, Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

9. Minnesota (from Buffalo via Cleveland) — Outside Linebacker, Anthony Barr, UCLA

10. Detroit — Tight End, Eric Ebron, North Carolina

And here are some other notable picks….

20. New Orleans (from Arizona) — Wide Receiver, Brandin Cooks, Oregon State

j manziel

22. Cleveland (from Philadelphia) — Quarterback, Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

28. Carolina — Wide Receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State

31. Denver — Cornerback, Bradley Roby, Ohio State


32. Minnesota (from Seattle) — Quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

We here at Scribble Scoop wish these new NFL pros the best for next season!


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