Zhangye Danxia 5

These cool mountains can be found in China. Zhangye Danxia to be exact. 

And yes, they are 100% real. You know what to do to see more!


Zhangye Danxia 1

Zhangye Danxia 2

Zhangye Danxia 3

Zhangye Danxia 4

Zhangye Danxia 6

source: BBC Blog

The mountains above received their cool colors naturally. In other words, they were not painted, dyed, or changed by man.

The cool appearance came from a process called sediment deposition. 

scoop tip: Sediment is solid materials that are moved from their original location by air, water, gravity, or ice to a landscape or field. Deposition happens when the amount of solids that are being carried becomes too heavy to move.


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