eye test

Our eyes are really special tools, as you know. Check out two cool ways to discover more about yours.



Your Blind Spot:

blue dot test


Instructions: To discover your blind spot, cover your left eye with your left hand. Now stare at the red cross with your right eye. Slowly move towards the screen then back. When the blue circle disappears, stop, that’s your blind spot.

Each of your eyes has a blind spot at a certain distance from objects. You never take notice because your brain makes up information based on what else is around and what your other eye sees. 


Dominate Eye:

cube test

Instructions: Find an object in the room. Next, using both hands, form a triangle so that the object appears in the middle of the triangle. Now close one eye, if the object is still in the middle, like the picture above, you have found your dominant eye.

cube test 2

If the object looks like this picture, the eye that is open is your less dominate eye.

Eye dominance is similar to a person having a more dominant hand. For example, you may write with your right hand a lot better than your left. And like handedness, although rare, a person could be dominant with both eyes!

Eye Test Photos: youtube.com


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