We kid you not. Back in April of 1975, Gary Dahl of California decided to sell rocks as pets.

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Mr. Dahl’s friends were talking about how much of a pain it was taking care of their pets. So to tease them, he began joking about how a rock would be the perfect pet.

He explained that a rock would never die, didn’t need food, baths, walks, and would never disobey an owner.  It was all just a joke, until he took it seriously.

He created a silly instruction manual with direction for taking care of the rock. The manual contained “commands” to teach the rock like, “sit” and “stay”. 

The pet rock not only came with a manual, but also a box with “breathing holes” like you would find with living pets.

Now you may be asking, who would BUY a pet rock? 

In about a year, over ONE MILLION pet rocks were sold! That’s a whole lot of people interested in a pet rock uh!?


And guess what…someone decided to bring the pet rock back! And this time it comes with a plug for a computer.

What does it do you ask? The same thing it did back before you were born……

Absolutely nothing.


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