The video below takes us from the Himalayas through earths atmosphere (sky) and then through the universe.

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Astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History created this video using information they gathered by studying our universe. This information is constantly updated and currently the most accurate view of what the rest of our known world looks like and how our size measures up to it.

scoop tip: Light travels sooo fast that it appears in an instant in our own eyes. For example, if we could travel as fast as light, we could go around the entire earth 7 and a half times in ONE SECOND!  

Therefore, a light year means it will take light an entire year to travel from one point to another. And if you can travel 7 and a half times around the earth in a second going the speed of light, just image the distance you’ll travel taking an entire year? Now, think of the total distance traveled at that speed for BILLIONS OF YEARS!

scoop tip: Astrophysicists are people that use the science of physics and chemistry to understand the universe.

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