That was sarcasm. The sarcastic fringehead, which is seen above, is a major threat to other fish.

Take a look below for a closer look.




Crazy, right?

Sarcastic fringeheads, also known as Neoclinus blanchardi, are very small fish…lucky for us.

Despite their small size, sarcastic fringeheads are very protective of their territory. That’s where their extremely large mouths come in handy.

The home that they protect is usually a shell or another small crevice, so visitors beware!


It’s not just other fish that should be concerned. Sarcastic fringeheads are very aggressive with one another.

To settle their beefs, they kiss. Ok, not really kiss, but very close to it.

To prove who is the bigger fish,  sarcastic fringeheads wrestle by forcefully pressing their mouths against each other.

And because we love our Scoopers, here’s footage of such a battle:

You’re welcome.

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