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frog legs

We posted an entry showing how dead frog legs “dance” when salt is placed on them (check it out here) .

Eleven year old Dance Machine from Pennsylvania would like to know why.


DANCE MACHINE:  Why do dead frog legs dance when you put salt on them????????

SCRIBBLE SCOOP: Great question! Although the frog is dead, the cells in their legs continue to work for a little while after. However, the cells need to be activated by something for them to work.

When alive, this would be taken care of by the frog’s brain. The brain would send signals of sodium ions to the leg’s cells, causing them to move.

Because salt is made up of sodium, the salt activates the cells in the dead legs, causing them to “dance”.

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Also based on one of our entries (check it out here), this questions comes from, ten year old, 2Old4Toys.


2OLD4TOYS: Why did Robin Thicke decide to use toys to play his song blurred lines with Jimmy Fallon?

SCRIBBLE SCOOP: Well, it has more to do with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots band.

Jimmy Fallon is a big music fan and enjoys showing the world his and The Roots’ talent.

Not only can they recreate other artists’ hits with instruments, but they can also do it with toys. It sounds simple, but very difficult for the average person.

Guest artists like Robin Thicke simply enjoy the opportunity to experience their hit replayed with toy instruments.

Let It Go (reggae remix)

SCRIBBLE SCOOP (cont.): Other artist such as Meghan Trainor (All About That Bass), Carly Rae Jepsen (Call Me Maybe), and Idina Menzel aka “Elsa” (Let It Go) all have performed on Jimmy Fallon with classroom instruments.

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