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This question comes from Miss Curious Cat. Miss Cat is a 6 year old from Pennsylvania.

Keep reading to see her question and our answer.


MISS CURIOUS CAT: Why do we celebrate Halloween?


SCRIBBLE SCOOP: Now this is a tough one. It’s tough because this holiday is about 2000 years old!

With a tradition that old, it’s hard to know for sure how it really started. But this is what many people believe.

A group of people called Celtics celebrated a festival called Sawhain (Sow-in) on October 31. They picked this day because their new year began the next day, November 1.

The Celtics believed that the night before the new year was the only time ghost could visit our living world. To protect themselves, they made large fires and wore scary costumes to make the ghost happy.


SCRIBBLE SCOOP: (continued) Later, people thought that on that night the ghost would come to houses disguised as people asking for money. To not get the ghost upset, people gave whatever visitors ask for on that night.

This later turned into children visiting houses offering to pray for family members. In return for their prayers, kids received food.

Finally, instead of offering prayers, kids began to declare, “Trick or Treat?”. This meant, give me a treat or I will play a trick on you!

Well Miss Curious Cat we hoped that answered your question.

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