kids birthday

Is your birthday a popular day shared by many people? Or maybe you’re special enough to have a day all to yourself. Keep reading to find out.


As you can see, the darker the color of the square the more people share that day. The lighter the color, the fewer the people.

First, start at the top and find your birthday month. Keep your finger there, but don’t actually touch your computer screen. Next, look at the far left and find the day you were born on. 

Use the finger that is on your birthday month to scroll down to where your day is. The box that you’re now pointing at represents your birthday.

Why do you think some spaces do not have a color block at all?



scoop tip:  Some days are missing a color block because those days do not exist. For example, there is no February, 31. No one could be born on a day that does not exist.

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