barbie no makeup

Just for fun, an artist by the name of Eddi Aguirre decided to do a before and after of a barbie doll.

Look below to find out more.


barbie before

Lesson of the day, stop being so hard on yourselves kids! Although this picture is just for fun, it is still a good example of how things really are.

The singers, models, actors, and actresses you see on TV do not actually look like how they may appear.

A great deal of make-up and photoshop can drastically change someone’s appearance. 

What’s always important is just being the best YOU!

sccop tip: “Antes” and “Despues” listed above the pictures are spanish words. These words mean (yup, you guessed it) “Before” and “After”.

Photoshop is a computer program that can change the way a picture looks. In other words, a person can make themselves appear skinner, darker, have clearer skin, and many other changes using this software.

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