It can be hard stopping to brush your teeth when you’re wiped out and ready for bed. And because of that, flossing usually gets skipped by many kids.

Keep reading to see why you should probably start flossing if you’re not already.



poor oral hygiene1

Swollen Gums

Brushing can only do but so much. When food and bacteria is left in places your brush can not reach, your gums pay the price. Swollen gums can drastically change the look and shape of a person’s teeth – and not in a good way!

Flossing every night to remove food particles will eliminate the chances of gum irritation and swelling.



photo: Dr. Max Orthodontics


As you can see from the picture above, not properly cleaning those hard to reach spots in your mouth could lead to some serious damage.

Harmful bacteria called plague can build up causing unattractive white spots around your gum line. If the infection in your mouth continues, your teeth could start to break down and get holes or eventually fall out completely!



Bad Breath

Having a mouth infection like Gingivitis can cause really bad breath. In addition, having old pieces of food particles stuck in the back of your mouth can  also lead to “clear-the-room” breath.

So if not for you, for your friends sake, please get your floss on!

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