INTROVERT/INNIE: Introverts are often mistaken for being shy, but really it’s just that they recharge easier when by themselves. That’s because they often think from within using ideas, memories, and pictures that are in their head.

EXTROVERT/OUTIE: Extroverts gain most of their energy from other people or the outside world. They love constantly being involved in activities and events involving other people.

AMBIVERT/INNIE & OUTIE: Really, we are all a mix of both innie and outie. It is just that some of us lean a little more to being an introvert and some a little more to being an extrovert. However, if your result was an Ambivert, that means that you don’t lean to either side. You’re perfectly in the middle!

Now that we got that out in the open, lets take a look at these charts below. Each does a really good job of providing helpful tips of being a good friend to an innie or outie.



source: fastcompany



source: fastcompany