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This Brain Boogie is called “Alpha-words.” What is an Alpha-word? Keep reading to find out.


Ok, we made up “Alpha-words”, but this is what they are. Words that sound EXACTLY like letters of the alphabet. Like the word “bee”, which describes the insect.

In this brain boogie we ask you to come up with at least 15 alpha-words.  But before you do, here are the rules.


1. It has to sound EXACTLY like a letter. (example: And is NOT an alpha-word. Although it may sound like the letter ‘N’, the correct way of saying it includes the d sound at the end.)

2. No names or nicknames of people. (example: Kay might be your grandmother’s name, but sorry Granny, not an alpha-word.)

3. Can’t be the sound of more than one letter. (example: Okay is not an alpha-word because it includes the sound of letters ‘O’ and ‘K’.)

4. Can’t be slang or an abbreviation (shortening) of a word. (example: ‘D’ as in defense, ‘K’ as in Okay, and ‘J’ as in jumpshot are NOT alpha-words.)


That’s all the rules kids! A helpful hint in figuring out if your word is an alpha-word or not, is checking to see if it’s in the dictionary. Now start picking!

When you’re finished with your list or when you give up, check your answers HERE.

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