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You heard it before.. “Put a coat on before you catch a cold!”

The question is, can you actually catch a cold from the cold?



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Common colds are viruses. And like other viruses, colds are caused by germs.

These germs spread by  floating in the air and being breathed in. Another way is by touching something containing the germs and putting your hands by your nose or mouth.

The funny thing is that the common cold virus actually got its name from the cold weather. This is because for many years people believed that the cold was what made a person sick. And for good reason.

When the weather gets really cold the amount of people being sick usually increases. But here is why.

When it gets cold, people are more likely to stay inside. By staying inside, close to one another, it gives the germs a better chance to spread.

And spread it does.

But before you go running outside without a coat, you should know that Mom wasn’t completely wrong.

The cold weather may not cause the cold virus, but it may increase your chances of  getting worse.

Some scientists believe that exposing your body to really cold temperatures can make your immune system weaker. In some cases, a person can already have a little cold, but not feel sick.

This is because of a strong immune system.

When that same person goes outside without a coat, their immune system gets weak, the cold virus gets stronger, and BOOM they’re feeling sick!

Moral of the story….wash those hands AND wear a coat!

scoop tip: your immune system is made up of tissue, cells, proteins, and organs in your body that fight germs.


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